WWE Icon Stone Cold Steve Austin Lists $3.5 Million California Home For Sale

Got a spare $3.5 million to hand? You, too, could live like the Texas Rattlesnake.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

For those with a spare $3.5 million lying around, one of ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin’s California properties could be just the home for you.

One of two properties that Austin own on the same street in the swanky Marina Del Ray area of Los Angeles, this property is formally listed at $3.595 million by Denise Fast Realtors.

What do you get for that price? Well, the lot as a whole is 8,003 square foot, with the house ranging 2,724 square foot. The property consists of up to four bedrooms, two-and-a-half(?) bathrooms, an over-sized foyer and reception lounge, a family room/sitting room, a dining area, an open-plan kitchen, and a large backyard area featuring a swimming pool, patio and spa.


The Texas Redneck purchased the house in 2007 for just under $2 million, and the ranch property itself was built somewhere around the 1953 mark.

If you have an interest in property in the Marina Del Ray area, or just fancied a nose at where Steve Austin once called home, full details and images can be found here. Now, we're off to look down the back of the WhatCulture Wrestling sofa to see how many pennies we can scrimp together...

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