WWE Impose New Restrictions On NXT UK Talent

Turns out they are the big bad wolf...


Remember when WWE crowed that there would be "no restrictions" on UK talent at the start of their expansion into the territory? Well, as was always bound to happen, those day have came to an end.

Reliable sources speaking to WrestleTalk.com report that over the recent NXT UK tapings in Liverpool, talent were furnished with brand new contracts, which, although offering an increased annual salary, prevent them from working for other companies within the UK.

WWE's previous stance was that aside from a select few prominently positioned promotions - notably, Rev Pro and Defiant - UK wrestlers were permitted to work for the company's feeder groups in Europe, as well as take local bookings. From now on, they'll only be allowed to work for WWE or their associates.

The contracts also stipulate that talent can only perform on a show with a resident paramedic, and that they are not allowed to face wrestlers contracted to major promotions including ROH, WOS and NJPW. The latter clause applies with immediate effect - meaning several shows will need to be re-arranged.

Talent have been advised to finish up their remaining bookings up until 1 January, at which point the contracts' other details come into play.

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Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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