WWE Investigating Jordan Devlin Allegations As #SpeakingOut Catalogues Wrestling Abuse Claims

Many within British Wrestling #SpeakingOut on alleged abuse.

Jordan Devlin

'#SpeakingOut', 'British Wrestling' and 'BritWres' were trending on Twitter on Thursday 18th June as multiple stories were shared by men and women coming forward to allege cases of sexual, physical and mental abuse as well as other acts of misconduct, bullying and wrongdoings within the industry.

WWE released an official statement regarding current NXT Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin after a private user shared photos of bruised body parts with the allegation that the wrestler had physically assaulted her. In a response given to Forbes, the company said;

"We take any allegation of this nature very seriously and are looking into the matter."


The hashtag emerged alongside hundreds of tweets highlighting other misdemeanours by over 100 cases within the British scene specifically.

The movement came less than 24 hours after David Starr was stripped of OTT, Revolution Pro Wrestling and TNT Extreme Wrestling championships following his own response to sexual misconduct allegations that admitted to inappropriate behaviour. It was started by retired professional wrestler Sierra Loxton, who had shared her own story earlier that day.


WWE have provided no further update beyond the original response, and Devlin himself has yet to comment.


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