WWE: Kane's 10 Most Memorable Moments

Kane 2013 Watching WWE TV over the past couple of weeks, it seems remarkable to see Kane still wrestling at the top of his game in main event matches. After making his debut nearly 16 years ago, the "Big Red Machine" has fought nearly everyone in the WWE's history and taken part in some classic moments along the way. Whether it was through the never-ending saga with his brother the Undertaker; dominating competitors and claiming multiple titles along the way; or some of the more lighthearted moments that have arisen in his career, Kane has established himself as an obvious future Hall of Famer, having entertained millions for years. While there are multiple moments from such an established career that you could pick out as being some of his best, here are ten of the very greatest moments so far.

10. ECW Championship, Wrestlemania XXIV (2008)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cmTzOKYnko After seemingly being left of the Wrestlemania XXIV card, Kane was inserted in to a pre-show battle royal to determine who would challenge the ECW Champion Chavo Guerrero at the event itself. The match was broadcast live on WWE.com and, after a fairly back-and-forth final encounter with Mark Henry, Kane was victorious. Live on PPV, Kane then came to the ring to face Guerrero...and promptly pinned him within 8 seconds of the match officially starting! The match would be the quickest ever ECW title change and still holds the record for the fastest ever Wrestlemania match, narrowly beating the Sheamus-Daniel Bryan fiasco from Wrestlemania 28. It was a great moment for the Big Red Machine, who has never particularly had much to shout about as a "Wrestlemania Moment" that reflected well on him.
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