WWE King & Queen Of The Ring 2024: 10 Things That Must Happen

Adrenaline in his soul, Paul Heyman is...with Cody Rhodes?! Also, who's WWE next King and Queen?

WWE King & Queen Of The Ring 2024 Cody Rhodes Paul Heyman

WWE's weary roster would be forgiven for wondering which country they're in at any given moment. Recent PLEs have taken the crew from Philly to France, and the next stop is Saudi Arabia on Saturday. Then, it's off to Scotland for more international merriment and Clash At The Castle. What a schedule!

If everyone's being honest, this weekend's King & Queen Of The Ring show is a 'B' tier speed bump on the road to SummerSlam, but that's alright. Tournament winners on the male and female side will be thrashed out, and Cody Rhodes has teased a "classic wrestling manager" as his cornerman to offset Logan Paul's entourage.

They...they wouldn't, would they? Cue all the drama within the ranks of The Bloodline 2.0.

Triple H and his creative team can't afford to phone any show in despite the obvious 'B' category status here. WWE business is hotter than the weather in Jeddah right now, and it's important momentum is sustained heading into the summer months. Will it be? Read on to find out.

Here's everything that simply must happen when royalty (both real and kayfabe) is on hand in Saudi.

10. Otis Accidentally Costs Chad Gable

WWE King & Queen Of The Ring 2024 Cody Rhodes Paul Heyman

Another sympathetic babyface run is brewing for Otis.

The big man won't stand for Chad Gable's antics much longer, but there's a bit more story to chew through before the former Money In The Bank winner (remember that?!) flips and goes full Virgil on Ted DiBiase. In Saudi, it'd be sweet if Otis actually tried to help his leader become Intercontinental Champ, but messed it up.

There's no need to take the belt from Sami Zayn at the moment anyway. Chad has been awesome since tweaking his character into a despotic heel, but Sami's fire still burns and there's plenty of life in his title reign. Sadly, all of this business involving Zayn and Alpha Academy does mean big Bronson Reed is third wheeling hard.

He's hardly the focus on Saturday. Keeping the title on Sami and putting more gusto behind the bubbling 'Otis had has enough!' story very-much is. It shouldn't be hard for these lads to figure something out that leads to another slap across the chops for Gable's former head boy.


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