WWE Legend Bill Eadie Dealing With COVID-19 Symptoms

WWE News - Demolition Ax Pulled From Fan Event!

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A huge favourite of so many wrestling fans, it’s been announced that the beloved Bill Eadie is currently dealing with COVID-19 symptoms.

To wrestling fans of a certain generation, Eadie is known as Ax from Demolition. To others, he’s known as the Masked Superstar.

This news of Bill’s comes courtesy of Martin Damato, who had the three-time WWE Tag Team Champion booked to appear at a virtual meet-and-greet event this weekend.

“Some bad news to report.
Unfortunately Demolition signing will not take place this Saturday.
I just got a call from Bill and his oldest Grandson had contacted Covid last week and now Bill and his wife are feeling sick with symptoms.
Let’s all send our prayers to one of the nicest guys you can ever meet Bill Eadie and his family as they deal with Covid.
Bill said once he is better him and Barry will make the trip to join the marty party.”

This virtual event was to be held by Damato’s T-Mart company, and the Barry referred to is Barry Darsow, aka Smash of Demolition.

It's worth noting that Martin Damato doesn't state whether or not Bill has had a COVID-19 test at this stage, just that he's experiencing symptoms and is taking precautions.


This news comes hot on the heels of WWE Champion Drew McIntyre and Mick Foley recently confirming positive COVID-19 results, while Chris Jericho has now revealed that he caught the virus back in September of last year.

Here’s hoping for a full and speedy recovery for Bill Eadie and his family.

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