WWE Legend Blasts Corey Graves Amidst Wrestling Return Rumours

This WWE Hall Of Famer thinks Corey Graves is about to make a big mistake.

Booker T WWE

Booker T doesn't want to see Corey Graves trade WWE's commentary position for another crack at in-ring glory.

The Hall Of Famer told listeners on his podcast that Corey should think twice before giving up the announcing gig. Rather flustered, Book asked his co-host, "What the hell is he thinking getting back in that ring?!". The legend understands why Graves is itching, but he's worried that Corey won't make a big splash and lose his prime position behind the Raw broadcast booth.

Book added that "nobody [knew] who the hell Corey Graves was before he retired", and admitted that his words are likely to leave the Raw colour commentator "p*ssed off". Even so, Booker can't believe that Graves is even considering a return to the ring eight years after being forced into early retirement due to injuries.


He reckons this is a huge mistake.

Booker did also say that Corey has "literally mastered" WWE's style of commentary, and that a full-time wrestling return would leave a big gap at the desk every Monday night. Again, he believes Graves should reconsider this, especially if he plans to totally give up announcing for active wrestling.

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