WWE Legend Open To Return?

Put her in the Hall Of Fame already!

Victoria WWE 2006

Former two-time WWE Women's champion Lisa Marie Varon (aka Victoria) has revealed in a recent interview with Fightful that she'd be open to a return to WWE.

Vahon, who retired from wrestling in 2019 due to feeling like she was "falling apart", admitted that her returning to WWE was a possibility:-

"I would consider it. I would have to ask exactly what the details are. I’m not gonna go back and then just say as the girls going to the ring, “Hey, have a good match,” and that’s it, that’s my cameo. I’m not gonna go back for that. I would like to, what they say in the business, ‘get my s**t in a little bit.’ When I come in I don’t want to just be seen in the background just chit-chatting. I don’t want that. I would want to do something. I don’t have to win a match or anything like that. I don’t mind putting the girls over and stuff like that."


The former Victoria is someone whose name consistently crops up on lists of people that should be in WWE's Hall Of Fame, and a return to the company may well be the catalyst for that. Vahon also admits in the interview that she'd love to help train, produce, coach or agent, but the infamous phrase "never say never" in wrestling leaves the door open for an in-ring return.

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