WWE Legend Predicts That NXT Will Beat AEW Dynamite's Ratings

This WWE Hall Of Famer believes NXT will consistently outperform AEW Dynamite by "mid-summer".

Eric Bischoff AEW

Eric Bischoff has sensationally predicted that WWE's NXT brand will begin comfortably smashing AEW's flagship show Dynamite in the ratings around "mid-summer".

The WWE Hall Of Famer told fans on his new 'Strictly Business' podcast (an offshoot of his popular '83 Weeks' show) that NXT will "outperform Dynamite unless things change pretty quickly". Bisch has never been quiet about his distaste for the way Tony Khan books All Elite television.

Here, he called Khan's approach "match quality at the expense of legitimate, well-constructed, disciplined storytelling and character development", and said AEW's "audience will never grow" if Tony doesn't try something else soon.


In fact, Eric can see a revitalised NXT show beating Dynamite in the ratings every week, and thinks that'd be a hammer blow to AEW's overall confidence. Previously, All Elite's product battered NXT in the "Wednesday night ratings war" and necessitated a switch to Tuesdays for WWE's show.

Could NXT get some revenge, albeit on a different night of the week? Bischoff thinks so, because he doesn't see much growth in AEW right now. He's been very vocal about TK making the same creative mistakes over and over.


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