WWE Legend Returns To Commentary On Latest SmackDown

It's unlikely to be a permanent gig, but this WWE legend dropped by on SmackDown.

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None other than JBL stopped by to provide some guest commentary for WWE during the company's 'Tribute To The Troops' edition of SmackDown on Friday night.

This was the first time Layfield has done any comms for a while. His last major on screen role was as a manager for Baron Corbin (which fizzled out), and he's only popped up in cameo spots since then. JBL sat in with Michael Cole and Kevin Patrick, which reunited his once-popular announce duo with Cole.


Together, the pair showed significant chemistry between 2006-2008. They'd work together again later on, but that period on SmackDown is fondly remembered by most fans who witnessed it at the time. Friday got the band back together.

It's unlikely that JBL is sticking around long enough to be a permanent addition behind the desk on FOX though. Cole pointed out that John was the guy responsible for pitching 'Tribute To The Troops' in the first place, and noted that they always reunite when WWE is honouring the military.


Layfield was in good spirits during the show, and his commentary appears to have gone over well online.


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