WWE Legend Says Current Star Is "Selling Sex"

Problems continue to mount up between a WWE legend and this current wrestler.

Lacey Evans

WWE legend Sgt. Slaughter has been outspoken about his distaste for Lacey Evans' current military gimmick on SmackDown. Now, the Hall Of Famer claims his main beef with Lacey is that she's "selling sex" whilst using his old drill instructor persona.

Explaining, Sarge told WrestleBinge that Lacey consistently comes out on screen "showing a lot of cleavage". He doesn't like that, because it's "not selling that you’re a tough S.O.B. from the marine corps". In fact, Slaughter believes becoming akin to a "sex symbol" is something Evans should leave to other women on the WWE roster.


Slaughter continued by saying Lacey should "have a t-shirt on, have the combat boots on and have those fatigues on" if she "wants to emulate Sgt. Slaughter".

This has been a bone of contention for weeks now. Slaughter and his daughter have been very outspoken about Evans rocking a guise similar to Sarge on TV, and the veteran doesn't like that she's using his Camel Clutch finisher either.


Lacey has fired back at Slaughter's daughter on social media, but things haven't been going too well for her since being repackaged.

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