WWE Legend Says He'll "Never Retire"

A WWE Hall Of Famer says he won't retire from wrestling until he's "six feet under".

Booker T WWE

Booker T says he'll "never retire" from active wrestling.

The multi-time World Champion (in both WCW and WWE) told Culture Map that he'll be "doing this until [he] can't move [his] legs anymore". Doubling down on that claim, Book also said: "I won’t be retired from the squared circle until I’m six feet under".

Strong words, people.


Booker is open to calls from WWE too - he won't turn down "the chance to bounce around the ring like a kid one more time", and added that he'll "take that opportunity every time". The 57 year old keeps himself in fine shape, but hasn't worked a match for the company since a series of house show dates ended in April 2012.

Since then, Book has wrestled three times for his own Reality Of Wrestling promotion in Texas, and once for the UK-based Preston City Wrestling. He's still waiting for the call to come from WWE chiefs that they'd like him back in the ring for a few cameo spots.


WWE do use Booker as a pre-show pundit on major pay-per-views. He enjoys that, but he'd like to do more stuff in-ring.

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