WWE Legend Set For SHOCK Retirement?

Teases aplenty from his former World Champion.

Rey Mysterio Dominic

Last night's WWE Raw saw former World Heavyweight Rey Mysterio tease a shock retirement from professional wrestling as part of a new storyline with son Dominic.

This came as part of a second-hour interview with Charly Caruso, starting with Rey saying he'd been very fortunate to enjoy a wonderful career. He got nostalgic and sentimental before acknowledging that "recently, things just haven't been clicking with me," then spoke on that "disgrace," Andrade, who ripped his mask off a few weeks ago, noting that he hadn't succeeded in responding.

With a deep breath, Mysterio said he knew this day came to every wrestler, then stated it was time to hang up the mask and let the next generation take his spot. Cue: Dominic, who reminded his father that he'd promised to team with him in his first-ever match, prompting a teary-eyed hug.


The full segment can be viewed below:-


An interesting development, given last week's reports that WWE were interested in signing Dominic to a contract. Whether this means the Andrade rivalry is over or will continue remains to be seen, but the angle got people talking, and it was one of Rey's stronger promos to boot.

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