WWE Legend Slaughters AEW's Sammy Guevara/Andrade Drama

This WWE Hall Of Famer thinks recent backstage beef in AEW is "losing perspective".

Booker T
YouTube/Reality Of Wrestling

Booker T thinks it's "crazy" that backstage beef between Sammy Guevara and Andrade El Idolo is playing out on Twitter.

The WWE Hall Of Famer told fans tuning in for his podcast that this just shouldn't be happening. Booker believes it reflects very badly on AEW, Tony Khan, Sammy and Andrade that these behind-the-curtain dramas keep making their way online.

Book also dislikes the fact that Guevara referred to El Idolo as "a jobber" during one of his vicious tweets. That, he pointed out, is very different to The Rock calling workers "jabronis" during promos back in the day - "a jabroni might still be a pretty tough guy".


The same arguably goes for "jobber", but Booker doesn't think so.

Summing it all up, the multi-time World Champion asked a simple question: "Why did it get on social media?". He reckons pro wrestling is "definitely losing the perspective of what wrestling really is to the fans", and wants it to stop ASAP.


Fans have become accustomed to Booker's opinions over the past few years. Most would probably agree that he's right on this one though.


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