WWE Legend Teases Return With "Secret Project"

Could this company icon be readying a bold return to WWE action very soon?

Trish Stratus WWE 2022

Trish Stratus is no stranger to a sneaky WWE return tease.

The legend has spoken freely about who she'd like to work with if she does pull the boots on again for another match. Now, Trish is teasing fans yet again by posting a quick mirror selfie on her official Twitter page and captioning the pic with: "Secret project day #1".

Stratus then tagged WWE in the post underneath, and it's also worth noting that she included a film camera emoji in the tweet too. That, quite clearly, means Trish has started filming some fresh content with the company that'll be released soon.


Some fans are already speculating that she's shooting promos to hype an in-ring comeback. Others, meanwhile, reckon the seven-time WWE Women's Champion will shoot footage for the A&E Biography: WWE Legends series. Other A&E shows on the promotion include Most Wanted Treasures and Rivals.

Either of those remain possibilities too.


Twitter wants to believe that Trish is readying herself for a return to in-ring action though. The Hall Of Famer has been talking about that, and she did look great during her last match vs. Charlotte Flair back at SummerSlam 2019.

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