WWE Legend Ted DiBiase & Sons Sued For Misused Welfare Funds

Ted, Ted Jr., and Brett DiBiase are part of an attempt to reclaim $24 million of public funds.

Ted DiBiase

Professional wrestling legend Ted DiBiase and sons Ted. Jr. and Brett are being sued as part of a lawsuit aimed at reclaiming around $24 million in misappropriated federal funds.

As reported by WLOX, the DiBiases are amongst 38 individuals and companies accused of misusing welfare money earmarked to help people living below the poverty line in the state of Mississippi, the poorest in the US.

Also included in The Mississippi Department of Health Services' case are former NFL players Brett Favre, Marcus Dupree, and Paul Lacoste. It is alleged that those named disregarded those they were intended to help with the funds, with attorney Brad Pigott offering the following comment:-

“I do not understand these people. What kind of person would decide that money the law required to be spent helping the poorest people in the poorest state would be better spent being doled out by them to their own families, their own pet projects, and their own favorite celebrities?”

Per the suit, Ted Sr. owes $1.971 million, Ted Jr. $2.897 million, and Brett $824,258. The trio were involved in a scheme by Nancy and Zack New that saw "tens of millions of dollars" funnelled into other nonprofit activities. That money was supposed to "address the multiple needs of inner-city youth."

Around $1.7 million is said to have been diverted to Ted Sr.'s Heart of David ministry, though a portion of this was used for personal expenses.


The DiBiases are yet to comment on the case.

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