WWE Looking To Bring Tribute To The Troops Back To TV

Could WWE's annual military appreciation special be returning next month?

Tribute To The Troops

As December looms large on the horizon, there’s now talk that WWE may be serving up another edition of its Tribute to the Troops special next month.

Via PWInsider, there has reportedly been plentiful internal discussions about bringing back the TV special after WWE opted not to air a Tribute to the Troops show last year. There’s no news yet on where or when exactly a 2020 Tribute to the Troops would air, although previously the event has aired on the USA Network, NBC, UPN, or WWE Network.

In 2019, WWE actually did tape a Tribute to the Troops event from two military bases in Jacksonville, North Carolina. Rather than air on the WWE Network, though, the decision was ultimately made to simply have those matches be purely for the troops in attendance at the events.


WWE first introduced the Tribute to the Troops special back in 2003, with the event airing every December up until last year.

Expect more on a possible 2020 outing for the Tribute to the Troops spectacular as and when new information surfaces. With WWE keen to bring smiles to faces in 2020, one such way to do that would certainly be to do another special for the troops.

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