WWE Looking To Offer Riddle A New Three-Year Contract

A pay increase and a Saudi bonus are on the horizon for the King of Bros.

Matt Riddle

While 2020 has been a year of significant cuts for WWE, one person Vince McMahon’s sports entertainment juggernaut is keen to tie down is ‘Don’t Call Him Matt’ Riddle.

In a new report from the Wrestling Observer, WWE is eager to tie the company’s resident Bro down to a three-year deal. Going into specifics, Dave Meltzer stated how this three-year contract would be for a guaranteed $400,000 per year and with a $50,000 bonus for every Saudi Arabia show that Riddle works.

The current belief is that Riddle’s present WWE deal is due to expire next August.


Meltzer also adds that Vince McMahon is a big fan of Riddle’s but doesn’t quite "get" the character. All that McMahon knows is that he finds the antics of the 34-year-old grappler to be highly amusing.

Right now, Riddle is in the early stages of a rivalry with United States Champion Bobby Lashley. If recent stories are to believed, the King of Bros will be challenging for Lashley’s title at January’s Royal Rumble PPV.


It’s been somewhat of a stop-start year for Riddle since departing NXT in May. Initially moved to SmackDown, the former UFC fighter was then switched over to Raw as part of the 2020 Draft – with nothing of any real note bar a non-title victory over then-IC Champ AJ Styles, and then a painful rivalry with Baron Corbon.

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