WWE Mae Young Classic 3 Is NOT Happening

Show was advertised in error.

Mae Young Classic Cancelled

Despite the positive PR WWE will desperately require over their women's division come the inevitably female-free Crown Jewel 2019 at the end of the month, the Mae Young Classic will not be happening this year.

NXTTickets announced that the tournament would return to Winter Park, FL on 2-3 November - just three days after WWE's latest Saudi Arabian venture. However, after contacting the company, Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful was told that the advertisement had been listed by mistake.

WWE's all-female PPV Evolution, which took place as a tacit apology just a week before last year's Crown Jewel, is also not scheduled to return in 2019 either.

The Mae Young Classic has taken place the past two years, and it was assumed to have became an annual tradition. The most recent edition was won by Toni Storm, who defeated Io Shirai in the final. She went on to win the NXT UK Women's Championship off the back of her victory.

2017's inaugural contest concluded with Kairi Sane seeing off Shayna Baszler. Both have since became established members of the WWE roster.

With WWE's schedule packed tighter than a rush hour subway train, it seems the company simply can't find time for another Mae Young Classic. Perhaps if some ludicrously wealthy government was prepared to pay for the privilege, they would.

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Editorial Team

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