WWE Makes Changes To The NXT Creative Team

WWE brass make changes due to unhappiness over recent NXT ratings.

While AEW Dynamite regularly beating NXT in the weekly ratings may be played down by many, it appears that WWE is starting to get a tad antsy at this semi-regular trend.

In a new report from the Wrestling Observer, while publicly playing it cool, WWE brass is said to be hugely unhappy with NXT taking a spanking from AEW when it comes to the Wednesday night ratings battle.

Going further, Uncle Dave claims that WWE has moved to shake up the NXT creative team in order to try and improve ratings for the brand.


Previously, NXT has had its own individual writing team, but certain main roster writers are now helping out with NXT in addition to the brand bringing in two or three new external faces to help with putting together NXT creative.

Upon starting to air on the USA Network in September, NXT was given five exclusive writers. Since then, three main roster writers have joined the team, and now comes an additional two.


To be fair to NXT, the creative side of things hasn’t been particularly awful over these past few months, but there’s no denying that the gold and black brand seems to be missing a little something in recent times.

Even before Keith Lee dethroned Adam Cole to become NXT Champion, NXT had become good not great. And while that pattern of being ‘good’ has continued, AEW Dynamite has more often than not excelled on most Wednesday nights.


For wrestling fans, seeing good-to-great shows from both NXT and AEW on a weekly basis is a great thing – but WWE brass is clearly worried about the fact that AEW has been decimating NXT in recent ratings.

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