WWE Men's Royal Rumble 2020: How Every Elimination Happened

29 eliminations and a last Scot standing.

Edge WWE Return

It turns out you did know him all along.

You knew Edge was heartbroken when he was forced to retire in 2011, and you knew that he'd shiver with sweet emotion if he ever managed to muster a return. That's exactly what happened in Houston on Sunday night at the 2020 Royal Rumble – a legend came back, and a legend looked young again.

After nine long years, Edge looked on proudly as his wife Beth Phoenix kicked ass earlier, then worked over 23 minutes in the men's Rumble. He emerged to an ear-shredding pop, had clearly worked himself hard in the gym and was fired up for his big comeback. It was special, and it helped make the 2020 Rumble one of the best ever.

Edge wasn't alone in the making the men's bout a stunner that'll be talked about for years. The match was carefully laid out to lure fans into heel hatred before bringing them back up again with babyface pride. The whole thing is worth documenting elimination-by-eliminaton, and that's exactly what's on offer here.

Strap in and relive every single elimination from the latest in WWE's 30-man tradition...

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