WWE Merchandise Sales Reveal Company's Top Stars

The highly important WWE merchandise sales are still dominated by John Cena. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter states that Cena remains head and shoulders above the rest of the WWE roster in overall product sales, which is one of the key areas for WWE business. Intriguingly the second top merchandise performer is none other than the recently quit CM Punk. The Straight Edge Superstar is a clear cut number two seller, but when it comes to the WWE online shop, Punk is actually the number 1 star. The reason for Cena being number 1 overall is probably because merchandise prices at arenas are higher, with more kids attending shows with their parents. As such, Cena does well in those sales, with Punk enjoying better success online where older fans perhaps prefer to shop. Daniel Bryan is the fourth best merchandise performer, with the popular star perhaps set to replace the departing Punk as WWE's number two performer. One thing to note is WWE's value away from the main event scene. Both Sin Cara and The Ultimate Warrior are boasting very significant sales. Both live events and online business highlight that Cara and Warrior are doing very well, which in the past had led to more on screen time for performers. The correlation is clear, if people like someone enough to buy their merchandise, they like them enough to tune into programming for them too. As such, don't expect the number 1 merchandise man John Cena to stop being the number 1 man on television any time soon.
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