WWE Money In The Bank 2023: 10 Nightmares That Could Come True

Will Triple H revisit some horrible WWE memories at Money In The Bank?!

WWE Money In The Bank 2023 Bray Wyatt

Everything that goes wrong on Saturday night will be Vince McMahon's fault.

That's how social media rates episodes of Raw and SmackDown these days, right? Anything good is because Triple H is awesome, and anything bad must be because Vinnie Mac shredded the script at the eleventh hour before renaming himself "The Gobbledy Booker" and throwing up a middle finger at the haters.

No. In reality, everybody is responsible for the best and worst of WWE. You know the drill by now with this piece though - it's obsessed with nightmare scenarios that could make the company's next PLE more DOA. There's nothing especially positive in these pages, 'cause this is the worst that could go down at Money In The Bank.

Shocking returns could wreck someone's briefcase moment, or creative might go down the one night cash-in route and render their own show useless. Then, there's a truckload of hell in the form of unwanted title celebrations, premature turns and a spectre of SummerSlam 2016 misery no-one wants to see.

Chew your fingernails, lock your doors, and start fretting about these MITB 2023 outcomes.

10. Women’s Tag Belts Change Hands Again

WWE Money In The Bank 2023 Bray Wyatt

Surely not?!

Liv Morgan received a decent-sized pop from the live crowd when she returned on SmackDown, but she and Raquel Rodriguez chasing the Women's Tag-Team Titles again can only end one way. In other words, they need to stare at the lights for Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler, not beat them.

WWE might scan the MITB card and realise there's little potential for title switches though. If the writing team agrees they must have at least one, then it'll be Liv and Raquel taking home those female tag straps again. Be warned though, WWE: You'll be destroying Rousey and Baszler's heel potential by booking that.

The Women's Tag belts are a bit of a running joke amongst fans these days, and rightly so. Triple H hasn't handled them much better than Vince McMahon did before him, and apathy has become a rule of thumb with these things.

Another title change would wreck a heel act completely and numb the audience further.


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