WWE Money In The Bank 2023: 10 Things That Must Happen

Yes, yes Logan Paul SHOULD win WWE's Money In The Bank briefcase this year.

Logan Paul WWE Money In The Bank

Take down your "LA Knight Is Mr. MITB" banners, people. This article argues the case for somebody else to win the men's ladder match, and it isn't one of WWE's most over breakout stars. No, it's one of YouTube's most polarising breakout stars: Logan Paul.

That's here, and so is a surprising winner of the women's Money In The Bank bout too. You might not be expecting the outcome of that one, but this writer's general apathy towards this now-creaking briefcase gimmick plays a part in his thinking for both matches.

WWE also has a "Civil War" to stage in London this weekend. Expect more twists and turns in The Bloodline narrative then, and don't be shocked if Roman Reigns gets some egg on his face at the hands of his cousins. Maybe all of them?

Elsewhere, the World Heavyweight Championship scrap can conjure up images of SummerSlam 2016, and Rhea Ripley can look like a megastar up against one of the biggest babyfaces going.

Money In The Bank should be a tasty night. Here's everything that must happen over on UK soil this Saturday!

10. Zoey Stark Gifts MITB To Trish Stratus

Logan Paul WWE Money In The Bank

WWE has several viable options for the women's MITB match. IYO SKY could win and push Bayley into a Damage CTRL break up. Or, Becky Lynch could take the prize and target Rhea Ripley following their brief face-to-face on Monday's episode of Raw. Truthfully, it's a legacy star winning that sounds the most fun.

Trish f'n Stratus.

Zoey Stark's involvement in the match is no accident. Triple H's creative team knows exactly what it's doing here - Zoey will likely push a couple of fools off one ladder, climb another, then...let Trish clamber over her to haul down the briefcase instead. SURPRISE!

There's something quirky about the thought of a legend like Stratus running around with MITB in 2023. It's the kind of thing nobody could've predicted at the turn of the year, and it would keep a major match (Trish challenging for either the WWE Women's or Women's World belts) in WWE's back pocket for later in the year.


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