WWE Money In The Bank Qualifying Matches To Begin Next Week On Raw

Who will earn a slot in the annual ladder match for a guaranteed title shot?

Money In The Bank uk

WWE will begin filling out the lineups for its trademark Money in the Bank ladder matches next week on Raw in advance of the 1 July premium live event.

Details are sparse - all we know is that qualifying matches will begin on Raw - but with five weeks of television leading up to the Money in the Bank PLE, they certainly don't need to cram everything into one or two weeks. It's safe to assume we'll see qualifiers for male and female superstars on both brands next week, and that each show will have three or four participants for the men's and women's ladder matches, depending on how crowded WWE decides to make the fields.

Money in the Bank as a concept has existed since 2005, when it debuted at WrestleMania 21, but the PPV/PLE itself launched in 2010 and has been an annual tradition since. The briefcase has been a launching pad for some wrestlers, while it's been an albatross that has hampered others.


Last year's MITB matches saw Liv Morgan win for the women and successfully cash in later that night on an injured Ronda Rousey, capturing the SmackDown Women's Championship. Meanwhile, Austin Theory was a last-minute entry in the men's ladder match and won the briefcase. He would go on to inexplicably cash in for a shot at the United States Championship, which he lost to Seth Rollins.


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