WWE Moving All Live Programming To Orlando's Amway Center - Including SummerSlam 2020

Major changes coming to WWE's television format.

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Are you sick and tired of WWE's Performance Center shows? If so, here's some news that will surely prompt a sigh of relief.

WWE is on the verge of moving all programming from the Performance Center to Orlando, Florida's Amway Center, multiple sources have confirmed. The Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer notes that WWE will make an imminent announcement confirming that SummerSlam 2020 will go down in the basketball arena on 23 August, though there won't be any fans in attendance.

WrestleVotes has gone one step further by reporting that every WWE show after this week's RAW will go down in the Amway Center. This means fans could be free of the sight of the PC as soon as the 21 August SmackDown, as the 19 August episode of NXT has already been taped at WWE's training facility.


There's also talk (via PWInsider) that WWE is considering using virtual fans at upcoming events, taking a page out of the NBA and MLB's books. This would mean beaming in footage of individual fans watching the show from elsewhere, though it should be noted that Meltzer believes this won't be in place for SummerSlam, as he reports WWE will surround the ring with PC recruits as they have been doing for the past few months.

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