WWE Needs YOU To Head-Up Its New Brand Talent Management Division

Ever wanted to get bitched out by Stephanie McMahon? Now's your chance.

Stephanie McMahon

With WWE having started to set up a new Talent Brand Management department, the company is looking to make two big hires to drive this division forward.

Courtesy of WWE Corporate, the search is on for a Director and Vice President to oversee this new department. The Director would report to the Vice President, whilst the Vice President will report directly to the WWE's Chief Brand Officer. And yes, Chief Brand Officer does indeed mean Stephanie McMahon.

Both positions will be based at WWE’s Stamford, Connecticut headquarters, and the main duty of both jobs will be to develop the individual brands of WWE’s in-ring stars.

The company’s official description of its Talent Brand Management department has it pegged as “a division of WWE that has 360-degree oversight of Superstars’ individual talent brands and is focussed on positioning and growing these individual brands inside and outside WWE platforms”.

Successful applicants for the Director and Vice President roles will also work alongside Executive Directors – presumably meaning Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff – and at least ten years of experience in business leadership is required. As always seems to be the case with WWE, individuals must be prepared to be available 24/7 and be content to spend 25% of their time travelling.

So, the crux of it is that should you wish to be considered as the new Director or Vice President of WWE’s Talent Brand Management division, you have to be willing to give up your evenings, your weekends, your public holidays, spend a large chunk of your time stuck on an airplane, and then get bitched out by Stephanie McMahon at the end of it.

Good luck with that!

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