WWE Network Changes: ICW, Progress & New Pricing To Be Revealed Today?

Indies coming to the WWE Network?

WWE Network

Later today, WWE will deliver its quarterly business conference call. The call has become a post-WrestleMania tradition, and like last year, Vince McMahon will be able to announce a new record subscriber count for the WWE Network (numbers inflated due to the "Free WrestleMania" promotion). However, there may be changes coming to the Network.

PWInsider is reporting that the conference call may be the backdrop for the long-speculated addition of independent wrestling content to the WWE Network, as well as a tiered pricing system. The promotions most likely to be added to the Network are UK-based outfits PROGRESS Wrestling (run out of London) and Insane Championship Wrestling (based in Glasgow).

WWE first hinted at adding other companies' content to the network months ago, when the company sent out a mailer to subscribers gauging their interest in changes to the streaming service. Though there have been alterations to the plans since then (originally, WWE was in negotiations to purchase TNA's library, though the deal ultimately fell apart and Anthem bought the struggling group), ICW and PROGRESS have long been considered "locks" for the WWE Network. The survey also asked subscribers if they'd be willing to spend $14.99 a month for a package including independent content.

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