WWE Network Finally Drops First Month Free Offer

End of an era.

wwe network free

The longstanding 'first-month free' offer from the WWE Network is no more, reports PWInsider.

The news comes in the wake of the introduction of a free-tier of the Network, with fans now able to browse an impressive amount of content free of charge, with the option still avaiable to upgrade to the entire library of content for £9.99 a month.

Previously first-time subscribers could access the Network's entire catalogue an entire month provided they included billing details, and could cancel prior to the end of the period with facing any charges.


This means that for the first time in several years WWE pay-per-views actually require users to pay to view, with live events not being available on the free tier of the service. The billing page on the site now tells users that they will be billed on the day the subscribe or reactivate their account, and that users will be rebilled on the same day of each month until cancellation.

The move will also stop users from gaming the system by using a variety of different emails addresses and bank details in order to repeatedly access the entire catalogue for free.

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