WWE Network Hiding Chris Benoit Heavy Raw 2004 Episodes?

Are WWE trying to bury Benoit-heavy shows?

There are several pages out there dedicated to informing WWE fans when something new is added to the WWE Network. With new content added every day and in a rather random way, these pages are a good way to keep up-to-date with the Network and help to prioritise your wrestling viewing. However, if WWE so desires, it is fully able to add content to the Network very discretely in the hopes that few people will notice and pick up on it. This was clearly the case when WWE decided recently to upload a few episodes of Raw from January and February 2004. It's easy to see why they've done this, considering the subject matter. Indeed, these episodes heavily feature Chris Benoit, a man who WWE will never promote or even mention the name of, if they can help it. In keeping with company policy, WWE has decided not to promote these episodes and a category year for 2004 does not exist. So why has WWE decided to upload these to the Network and essentially hide them from the public? One theory is that they are connected to the recent spate of 2002/03 Smackdown and Raw episodes that prominently feature Brock Lesnar's rise to the top, although that theory is a little flimsy since The Next Big Thing doesn't even appear in-person on these 2004 episodes of Raw (his name is mentioned in relation to his feud with Goldberg). Perhaps WWE are slowly adding the entire run of early 2000s/Ruthless Aggression era shows to the Network and this was just a step in that process? It's a bizarre situation, that's for sure. Perhaps WWE will make them readily available to the public in the future but, for now, they remain only accessible to those who possess the links which you can find here.
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