WWE Network Problems Continue Amid Overwhelming Demand

Wwe Network Image WWE Network streaming issues are continuing to bother users, with on demand content being the main problem. The live stream aspect of the service has been running smoothly but major faults are plaguing demand content leading to stalling and outright failure to play. WhatCulture reader Travis is typical of the reports of Network failures, "I am another one who is experiencing severe buffering, trying to view any of the PPV events is just not happening right now. "My only concern is how the WWE will handle the high traffic they will most likely experience on the night of Wrestlemania XXX. That will be the deal breaker for me if I go to watch it on the network only to have it ruined by buffering and connection issues." The loading error has been widespread, with video game consoles and laptops in particular having problems for some reason. Another controversy is also proving to be the apparent ease you can access the Network with from outside America. WhatCulture reader Tobi reports that he is watching from Denmark and there is a very simple method being circulated in the UK to access the service. The most immediate problem is obviously the widespread failure of on-demand content to load. The problem isn't anything to do with WWE, so the company remains calm. It is in fact the problem of MLB Advanced Media who manage the service on behalf of WWE. They are clearly a bit overwhelmed and they told Deadspin yesterday that the Network demand for sign-ups "exceeded anything we have seen in 14 years of doing e-commerce." So in some ways the Network verdict after 24 hours is both good and bad. It's great that fans have signed up in such huge numbers that MLAB have been blown away, but it's pretty bad that they weren't prepared for this. The loading issues need correcting as soon as possible or subscribers will be flocking away just as quickly as they signed up. If any of these issues occur in Wrestlemania 30 then WWE will be inundated with criticism. MLAB need to ensure they quickly get a grip of the potential problems.
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