WWE News: Daniel Bryan Suffers "Serious" Concussion, Royal Rumble Consequences

Daniel Bryan Daniel Bryan has suffered a "serious concussion" on Raw, a WWE spokesperson has confirmed. The story is still developing and could mean a change in plans for the Royal Rumble. Bryan suffered the concussion early on during the steel cage main event at Raw on Monday. The backstage chatter going around at the Smackdown television tapings on Tuesday offers us a dismal outlook for Bryan's recovery time which is expected to be significant. The 32 year old is said to have remembered nothing of the cage match, displaying all the signs that this could be serious. This could all have huge repercussions for the Royal Rumble in just 11 days time. Concussions are taken extremely seriously in the WWE, with superstars having to take time off to rest. As in all sports, a concussion is a very big deal and a dangerous affliction to suffer. Bryan will now be independently assessed by doctors, probably undergoing the same imPACT testing that Dolph Ziggler had. Ziggler's concussion in 2013 kept the then hugely pushed star out for over a month. Daniel Bryan will be hoping he doesn't share the same fate - as a potential winner of this year's Royal Rumble it could seriously derail his momentum if he is to miss any amount of time. The unfortunate incident comes as Bryan enjoyed one of the loudest face reactions of the last few years on Raw Monday. With the whole crowd on their feet and chanting Bryan's catchphrase it was reminiscent of Steve Austin at his very hottest in 1998. Let's hope for Bryan and WWE's sake that this concussion is not as serious as feared.
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