WWE Night Of Champions 2015: 8 Shocking Things That Could Happen

Is Sting set to be the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion?

WWE's Night Of Champions 2015 looks to be one of the more intriguing editions of the Pay-Per-View series in recent memory. Last year, John Cena faced Brock Lesnar in a colossal main event. Aside from that, there really wasn't all that much else to get excited about on the card. Thankfully, the creative team have written a far more well-rounded mix of stories for 2015. As things stand, there are 8 matches announced for Night Of Champions. Out of those, 7 are on the main Pay-Per-View portion of the show, with the other existing as a 'Kickoff' exclusive to warm up the crowd. It seems unlikely at this point that WWE will add in any other matches, but the real intrigue lies with what has already been confirmed. Given the mix of bout, it seems a dead cert that there will be some shocking moments on the show. The featured bouts are sure to be Seth Rollins vs. Sting for the WWE World Heavyweight Title, and Rollins vs. John Cena for the WWE United States Title. There's a lot of different scenarios that could play out at the event, which is what this list aims to focus on. Just what might happen at WWE Night Of Champions that would shock fans and shake up things in the promotion for the rest of the year?


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