WWE Night Of Champions 2023: 10 Nightmares That Could Come True

9. Imperium Implodes

WWE Night Of Champions 2023 Roman Reigns Paul Heyman

An easy way to go about the shock of Mustafa upending GUNTHER is to have the Austrian's stablemates accidentally cost him the match. Afterwards, as the announcers gushed with praise for Ali and wondered how the now-former champ might react, GUNTHER would have to smash through both Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci.

The pair would be repackaged as hopeless losers before anybody could shout, "Ring General".

Kaiser and Vinci are already akin to Shredder's foot soldiers from the TMNT franchise as it is. They're only really there to take a kicking and distract for their leader, so Christ knows what'd happen to the duo if Imperium imploded at Night Of Champions.

Sorry for putting this into your heads, but it'd be a natural follow-on from Mustafa Ali winning the Intercontinental strap. "Mustafa Ali winning the Intercontinental strap", especially from GUNTHER, is a weird-enough thought in 2023. Imperium ending would be a one-two punch of agony.


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