WWE Night Of Champions: Predicted Card

Night Of Champions This years SummerSlam looks to be an incredibly hard act to follow. We saw two match of the year candidates in Cena/Bryan and Punk/Lesnar and we also saw perhaps the most memorable ending to a pay per view in some considerable time. Night of Champions is always an exciting concept, a night where every title will be on the line, and most importantly it will be on the main card (well, we hope so.) New face of the WWE Randy Orton will have to defend his WWE title, whilst The Shield will all be performing on the card. With John Cena injured for a considerable while it's time for the other superstars to prove their worth, especially in the main event scene. Here's my look at the potential matches I think will go down at Night of Champions 2013...

US Title: Dean Ambrose Vs Christian

Now that it looks like Christian's brief feud with Alberto Del Rio is over, Captain Charisma will return down to the mid card to reignite his mini feud with Dean Ambrose. With RVD looking set to move onto the main event scene since his alliance with Ricardo Rodriguez Ambrose will need a new feud and this makes perfect sense. With the mid-card being quite thin in terms of faces for Ambrose to face Christian will step up to the plate and there's little doubt these two can pull off one hell of a match. As for the result, Christian's promo video before his SummerSlam match hinting at an impending retirement so it would be nice to see him put Ambrose over clean here. Who Should Win: Dean Ambrose

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