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In the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it is noted by Dave Meltzer that Matt Riddle - one of the most over and talented stars on the Independent circuit - has pulled out of two dates (August 18/19) on which he was scheduled to work for Ireland's OTT Wrestling.

Those dates, of course, span SummerSlam weekend, the coincidence of which was also noted by Meltzer, who added that WWE has reconsidered its position on Riddle. For the uninitiated, WWE is - or was - reluctant to sign Riddle due to the controversial nature of his UFC exit. Riddle twice tested positive for marijuana, leading to his release, and is unabashed in his enthusiasm for his hobby of choice. This recreational choice, obviously, is not something sponsors wish to associate with, but isn't something WWE cares about privately, either. Use of the drug is referred to colloquially as the "pot tax" which, per the rumour and innuendo, more than a bowlful of performers are happy to pay.

The deeply charismatic Riddle, the best man to ever utter the word "bro" incessantly in pro wrestling, is a perfect fit for the awesome NXT: TakeOver arena, the front row of which you can now easily see him occupying in Brooklyn. Both impossibly amiable and a legitimate badass, Riddle wrestles a style of his own. He is a veritable magnet of a pro wrestler, too, able to light up entire buildings with his beaming smile.


It is that aforementioned legitimacy that may even see him succeed within the Fort Knox that is the main roster.

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