WWE NXT Releases Acknowledged On TV! Superstar Responds

WWE's latest cuts were brought up on television last night.

Duke Hudson Indi Hartwell

WWE NXT used a comedy segment to acknowledge the latest round of talent cuts on last night's edition of 2.0.

The "Spring Breakin'" special featured a backstage vignette with Indi Hartwell and Duke Hudson feigning a romantic exchange, with respective partners Dexter Lumis and Persia Perotta conspicuous by their absence. This was, of course, because both Lumis (Samuel Shaw) and Perotta (Stephanie De Lander) were both included in the April 29 releases.

The skit opened with Hartwell staring at her ring finger before Hudson walked into the shot for the two to acknowledge the new elephant in the room. Both made a quick move towards one another intimating a kiss before no-selling the moment and splitting off.


The segment didn't suggest whether this marked the dropping of the old personas entirely or a continuation of it in this new direction. De Lander responded on Twitter when WWE's official account shared a gif of the two of them pulling back on the kiss.

The emoji appears to indicate her taking it in good humour, which is generous considering the rather insidious nature of the bit.

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