WWE NXT UK Wrestler Becomes Free Agent

He's being advertised as a "FORMER" WWE star for an upcoming indie event...

Joseph Conners silhouette

Former NXT UK wrestler Joseph Conners is now a free agent.

Bodyslam.net have confirmed the former WCPW World Champion's WWE departure, though it is currently unclear if he was let go by the promotion, asked to be released, or if this is a simple case of his contract expiring.

This comes following Conners making an appearance for indie promotion British Wrestling Revolution on Friday (3 December).


In addition, the 34-year-old is being advertised for an upcoming Wrestle Carnival show as a "Former #NXTUK star":-

Conners had wrestled only a sporadic WWE schedule over the past couple of years. His last televised bout was a win over Tristan Archer on NXT UK's 22 July episode, which was only his sixth match of the year. 2020, meanwhile, saw him work four WWE bouts on top of a handful on the European independent scene.


Joseph tweeted out a video titled "No Restrictions" over the weekend:-

The Nottingham, England native debuted for WWE as part of the two-night United Kingdom Championship tournament in January 2017. He has removed all references to the company and the NXT UK brand from his social media profiles since news of his departure broke.

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