WWE Officials Reportedly Clamping Down On Fan Behaviour

A recent video involving Rey Mysterio irked WWE management and wrestlers.

Rey Mysterio

PWInsider Elite reports that WWE officials are unhappy with the way some fans approach wrestlers in airports/restaurants.

A video recently surfaced of Rey Mysterio politely declining fans who wanted him to sign a ton of merchandise - the future Hall Of Famer noted that those folks would then sell items online, so they weren't really interested in meeting him or getting an autograph at all.


Some other WWE wrestlers were irked by this vid after seeing it, because they felt the piece tried to make out like Rey was in the wrong for standing his ground. This sort of behaviour has become a real problem for company stars, especially since crowds started coming back in their droves post-pandemic.

This kicked off a conversation behind the scenes about how some female stars are even followed to their cars by fans waving merch items in their faces. That, obviously, is horrendous behaviour and just shouldn't be happening.


As the video linked above shows, Mysterio was gracious and polite throughout. He agreed to sign some items, but wouldn't ink everything. It was also filmed at 5am, and that was somehow used as another stick to try and beat the legend with.

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