WWE Omit Drew Gulak's Name From Recap Of His Match With Daniel Bryan

Revisionist history at its finest.

Daniel Bryan Drew Gulak

WWE has referred to recently departed superstar Drew Gulak solely as a "training partner" in a video on Twitter, showcasing the recent match between him and Daniel Bryan on the most recent episode of Friday Night SmackDown.

The tweet comes after Gulak walked away having failed to come to terms on a new deal when his contract expired just days after the match, despite initial reports suggesting that the former NXT Cruiserweight Champion had been one of many superstars released during the global situation.


Fans unsurprisingly were not impressed with WWE seemingly throwing shade at Gulak in the social media post showing highlights of the match, which is being called one of the best in the behind-closed-doors period for the company.

The news of Gulak's departure has led fans to speculate where the former 205 Live stalwart will take his career next, with the nature of his departure from WWE meaning he could still return to the blue brand if a deal can be struck.


Which is why it seems all the more confounding that Gulak's former employer would omit his name from the post before his return has been ruled out.

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