WWE Originally Wanted Bobby Lashley To Be Mr. T

Why Paul Heyman saved Lashley from pitying the fool.


You might think Bobby Lashley has been largely mistreated since returning to WWE - we're looking at you, Lashley's sisters and Lana - but, astonishingly, things threatened to be even worse during his first run.

Were it not for Paul Heyman, he could have been part of the flippin' A-Team.

The ex-ECW boss was first to see the potential in big Bobby, and thankfully, he was on hand to ensure his new pal wasn't lumbered with a go-nowhere gimmick.


Last week we discussed Bob's epic breakfast with the ex-ECW boss. Now, more details about just how big an impact Paul Heyman had on Bobby Lashley's career have come to light. Without his influence, Bobby might've been doomed to become WWE's walking, talking Mr. T rip off. Honestly, can you imagine it?

Creative fancied harnessing the powers of one B.A Baracus and turning Lashley into someone who was more likely to say, "I pity the fool" than dominate in the ring. It's hard to see this getting over in 2004, especially when Bobby was never renowned for his promo skills, and the TV show had been off the air for 17 years. The gimmick would've tanked hard.


According to Sports Illustrated, Heyman was the one who convinced other writers to steer clear of such silliness and focus on what Bobby could do well. Without Paul E's interference, Lashley may well have been sucking wind in segments and wearing more gold chains than Razor Ramon.

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