WWE Payback: 19 Things You Might Have Missed

The odd lines, references and Easter Eggs from Sunday's PPV.

Payback was fine. It was good, even. In terms of actual wrestling, it was a strong night from the usual suspects, with matches like Neville vs Barrett, Ziggler vs Sheamus and New Day vs Kiddsaro all thrilling the crowd despite questionable builds. In terms of storyline moments or truly big pops, it was a more meagre affair. The I Quit match's finish inspired some (mostly righteous) fan vitriol, Barrett getting himself counted out was lame, and many lambasted the ending of the tag match for being racist - it wasn't; Xavier and Kofi have similar builds, identical tights, and X's head was hidden from view. The highlight of the night was undoubtedly the mini-reunion by the Shield, and Seth's Rollins' face when he realised that the team-up wasn't going to be a permanent one. It was an actual 'mark-out moment' in an era where those are becoming few and far between. All in all, Payback was very much the quintessential WWE Network B-show: one or two moments to talk about, but otherwise not much to get the teeth into. That said, there were still a handful of little oddities dotted throughout the night, adding colour and weirdness to the proceedings; stuff that perhaps might have passed you by.
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