WWE Payback 2016: Every Match Ranked From Worst To Best

7. Tag Titles #1 Contendership: Enzo & Cass Vs. The Vaudevillains

kevin owens sami zayn

Result: The match was called off after Enzo was hurled into the ropes by Gotch and suffered a concussion (4:00).

Rating: What a bummer this one was to start the PPV on. The match had so much promise, started so well, and then came to an abrupt halt. What seemed like a potential work at first was very clearly not that soon enough: the concern on the faces of the wrestlers and the commentary team made this one pretty scary, until they thankfully later confirmed that Enzo was moving his extremities and responding to medics.

Though there's not much point in rating this one, the little wrestling we saw was of the high standard we expect from these two teams, but of course, sadly we didn't get a payoff. 5/10


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