WWE Performance Center Talents Return To Training... With A Twist

Video class is now in session.

Performance Centre Rookies

According to WrestlingINC, training for Performance Center recruits started back up again this week. However, classes are now being taught online.

The up-and-coming stars who have been used as a fill-in crowd during WWE's recent tapings haven't been required to take the classes, whereas newer recruits have been taken through online lessons with their coaches and shown old matches which they must then critique and break down.

Also, the sessions reportedly don't involve every single trainee at once and are divided up throughout the day so that talents get more tailored time with the different coaches.


This is just the latest development we've seen regarding WWE's evolving approach to life in the current global situation.

As we've just mentioned, WWE have recently introduced some PC recruits as a live audience for their programming and have also installed plexi-glass dividers in order to make sure that wrestlers and 'fans' aren't putting each other at risk.


There's still no word on when WWE will decide to bring back full-contact training sessions in the Performance Center, but this latest step is another positive move towards getting these newer recruits ring-ready in the near future.

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