WWE Planning HUGE Feud For Brock Lesnar?

A certain spot on last week's WWE SmackDown meant more than you knew...

Drew McIntyre Brock Lesnar

WWE may be planning something between Brock Lesnar and Drew McIntyre.

Last week's episode of SmackDown saw McIntyre, who was drafted to the blue brand last month, issue an open challenge that was answered by Mustafa Ali. Drew ended up putting Ali away in around two minutes, doing so with a Kimura submission.

The Kimura, of course, is one of Lesnar's signature holds - and Dave Meltzer writes in the latest Figure Four Online/Wrestling Observer Daily Update that there is significance to this specific finish. What that "significance" is remains to be seen.


Lesnar is currently on hiatus from WWE television. Defeated by Roman Reigns via nefarious means at Crown Jewel 2021, he responded by destroying SmackDown personnel on FOX the next night, leading to a bludgeoned Adam Pearce handing him an indefinite suspension. Pearce doubled down last week, handing Brock a kayfabe $1 million fine.

McIntyre, meanwhile, has been linked to a Reigns feud of his own by the end of the year. Fans could be forgiven for assuming that Roman and Brock would have unfinished business after the events of the past few weeks, particularly with the question of Paul Heyman's allegiance still unanswered.

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