WWE Planning More Releases This Week - Big Names To Be Cut?

WWE's cost-cutting spree may not be over, with more releases potentially coming this week.

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WWE's ongoing cost-cutting measures could see the company release more wrestlers as soon as this week, reports Fightful Select.

The report notes that WWE has an ongoing list of potential cuts, but adds that the company has recently changed its mind on certain releases at the last minute, so this could change.

Fightful's sources have indicated that major names are amongst those being considered this time around.


WWE's latest round of releases came two weeks ago, when the promotion let go of several NXT-affiliated talents, including controversial referee Drake Wuertz and the disgraced Velveteen Dream, who had been off television since December 2020. In April, the promotion let go of such names as Samoa Joe, The IIconics, and Mickie James.

Velveteen Dream aside, each of the above releases was attributed to "budget cuts" at the time. This is despite the promotion generating record profits in 2020, as confirmed when WWE released its year-end financial reports in February.


This flawed reasoning is primarily why WWE attracts such flak for cutting wrestlers these days. The notion that the promotion needs to "cut costs" is patently false, buoyed as it is by billion-dollar content rights deals.

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