WWE Planning Stardust Feud With Arrow's Stephen Amell

A TV superhero could feud with WWE's bizarre Stardust.

On this week's RAW, there was a ringside confrontation between Stardust and actor Stephen Amell, who stars on the hit TV show The Arrow. Stardust spotted him at ringside, a graphic was shown with Amell's name on it and they were jawing back and forth at each other. According to the Wresting Observer, there's a plan in place to create a feud with them that could lead to a wresting match down the road. Amell has talked about his love of wrestling for years and also tweets about it often, so it's a no brainer for him to get involved. Stardust is a character that makes sense for him to feud with because he looks like a comic book character too. The problem with Stardust right now is he loses nearly every week on television and all of those losses make him look like a jobber. Fans are clamoring for him to return as Cody Rhodes. Arrow is preparing for its fourth season on The CW Network where it has enjoyed a strong following. They've been on the air for three seasons and more are planned. It's very popular among comic book fans and Amell's got nearly 1 million followers on Twitter plus 4 million people on Facebook, so his appearance on WWE TV is going to bring in some fans that may have otherwise not watched. It's not confirmed that they will have a match, but it's certainly possible because Amell looks the part of a guy that could wrestle. It also helps that he's a lifelong fan because sometimes we see celebrities in wrestling that look totally lost out there because they don't know much about the business. When a guy is a big time fan you know he's going to have a lot more interest in doing it. Stardust invited Amell to come to the show again and it could be next week on Raw, so this story will continue.
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