WWE Planning To Return To Saudi Arabia In November?

Company seemingly headed for capital.


Hot off the heels of what appears to have been an uproariously successful first major event in Saudi Arabia, WWE look set to be returning to the Kingdom for a second supershow before the year is even out.

According to Middle Eastern news outlet Riyadh Report, the head of the country's General Sports Authority Turki Al-Sheikh has announced another major event for November, this time to be held in the capital city. Assuming the second PPV is to keep with the ludicrous scale of the Greatest Royal Rumble, the most likely venue in Riyadh is the 67,000 King Fahd International Stadium. The city also boasts the 22,500 capacity Prince Faisal bin Fahd Stadium, which plays host to three football teams, amongst them 2018 Saudi Pro League winners Al Hilal.

As part of the government's Saudi Vision 2030 program, women were last year allowed to attend an event in the national football ground for the very first time - an operetta celebrating the 87th anniversary of the country's founding.


A November date for the junket can only mean one thing: THE GREATEST SURVIVOR SERIES! Who's up for some 20 vs. 20 elimination contests?

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