WWE Possibly Dropping The Cruiserweight Championship

After axing so many cruiserweights, WWE could now completely scrap the Cruiserweight Title.

Roderick Strong

It looks as if WWE could soon be about to make some changes to the Cruiserweight Championship currently held by Roderick Strong.

As per the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer stated how he's heard WWE have had talks about completely scrapping the Cruiserweight Title in order to make further changes to NXT 2.0.

Given how WWE has released so many cruiserweight athletes across these past 18 months or so - including former Cruiserweight Champions in the shape of Buddy Murphy, Tony Nese, Lio Rush and Kalisto - many have pondered what the future holds for this title.


One potential option on the table right now would be for Joe Gacy to defeat Strong for the Cruiserweight Championship at this weekend's NXT WarGames special. Just this week, Gacy teased the idea of what he called the All-Inclusive Championship, so maybe it's that he gets the win and rebrands the belt to move away from the 205 lbs weight limit it has been associated with previously.

Either way, it doesn't sound good for the Cruiserweight Title right now, and likewise one has to wonder where it would leave the hugely talented Roddy Strong should he indeed lose the belt sometime soon.

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