WWE Post Updates On Sasha Banks, Big E Injuries

Both superstars were assaulted on SmackDown.

Sasha Banks and Big E both found themselves on the receiving end of heinous attacks on last night's episode of SmackDown. The former was viciously attacked by Bayley following the pair's tag team championship rematch defeat to Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler, whereas Big E was smashed through a car windshield by Sheamus.

Post show, WWE provided an (in story) injury update for both their blessured superstars:

After a wild night on SmackDown, Sasha Banks and Big E found themselves in need of medical attention.
The Boss seemingly sustained a knee injury after crashing into the ring post during the WWE Women’s Tag Team Title Match, then being on the receiving end of Shayna Baszler’s relentless offense. But the worst was yet to come for Banks. After she refused medical attention, Banks was brutally attacked by her partner and best friend, Bayley, who culminating the assault by wrapping a steel chair around Banks’ neck and jumping off the second rope to stomp on it. Banks was taken from the WWE ThunderDome in an ambulance. can confirm that Banks was taken to a local medical facility and is being evaluated.
Big E was initially scheduled to take part in the Fatal 4-Way to determine who will challenge Universal Champion Roman Reigns at WWE Clash of Champions. However, Sheamus ambushed Big E prior to the match, driving him through the windshield of a car with White Noise. Big E suffered lacerations as a result of the attack. He was taken to a local medical facility, where he is undergoing a battery of tests.

Big E's withdrawal from the Fatal 4-Way resulted in Jey Uso taking his place. It proved a blessing in disguise for the perennial tag teamer - he'll now go on to challenge for cousin Roman Reigns' Universal Championship at Clash of Champions, after making the most of his unexpected opportunity.

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